Harley Evo Oil Pressure Solutions

Oil Pressure for Evo Engines


 Easily install instant oil pressure in Harley Evo engines. Replace your stock Harley Evo oil pressure relief valve spring with the SP-1.  

Harley Evo oil pressure

SP-1 Superpump-Kit

Harley Shovel & Evo oil pressure relief valve spring kit. Alum. bodied oil pumps. E.R.T. Products

 Install instant oil pressure in your Evo engine. Replace the stock Harley oil pressure relief spring. Easy installation!   

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PJ-2 Pro-Just

Harley Shovel & Evo adj. oil pressure relief valve cap & spring. Alum. body  pumps. E.R.T. Products

 Precise adjustable oil pressure for Evo engines. Replaces the stock Harley oil pressure relief cap & oil pressure relief spring. 

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PG-1T Pro-Gauge & Tappet Adapter

Harley Shovel & Evo oil pressure gauge kit. 0-60 p.s.i. Liquid filled, S.S. body. E.R.T. Products

 The Harley-Davidson oil pressure gauge!   Tough, beautiful & accurate. This Stainless bodied 1 1/2" liquid filled oil pressure gauge is awesome!  

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CV-1 Check Valve Kit

Harley Shovel & Evo check valve kit.  Valve spring, ball & cap. Alum body oil pump. E.R.T. Products

 Stop blowing excess crankcase oil out of you breather! E.R.T. Products has the parts & shows you how to fix this dangerous yet simple problem once and for all. 

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