E.R.T.'s Pro-Gauge


Designed for the Harley-Davidson Engine

E.R.T. Products offers the finest Harley-Davidson Liquid Filled Oil Pressure Gauge, GUARANTEED! The "Pro-Gauge"™ is designed specifically for the harsh environment encountered by the air-cooled engine. 

This Harley oil pressure gauge is liquid-filled with an 1 1/2" stainless steel outer case, 1/8" NPT male threads, a poly-carbonate lens, and an easy-to-read 0-60 p.s.i. white dial face.  Not only is it tough, it is sure to enhance the beauty of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle! 

We are confident that you will be extremely satisfied with the precision, quality and durability of this gauge! Order yours today and try the "Pro-Gauge" out for yourself! 

Our "Pro-Gauge" comes with a one year, hassle free warranty.  

Harley Oil Pressure Gauge

PG-1 Pro-Gauge

Harley oil pressure gauge. Twin Cam,Evo, Shovel, Pan, Knuckle engines. Liquid filled, O-60 P.S.I.

PG-1 Pro-Gauge 

All Harley Engines.  ( '40 - Present )

Specs : Body diameter = 1.575" - 1.580" 

       Rim diameter = 1.735" 


PG-1T Pro-Gauge w/ TPAD

Harley oil pressure gauge kit w/tappet screen adap. Shovel & Evo engines. Liquid filled, O-60 P.S.I.

PG-1T Pro-Gauge

Gauge & Tappet Adapter 

Shovel & Evo Engines ('70–'99)

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