Factory Spec. Harley-Davidson Oil Pressure

Quites your Lifters

Harley-Davidson has had excellent hydraulic lifters since the Evos! Problem is, you have to have oil pressure for them to operate properly. Great news, we at E.R.T. Products, Inc., have the solution for Harley oil pressure problems !! When your lifters are quite, they are working properly!

Cools your Engine

Would you like to lower your operating oil temperature without installing an oil cooler? Of course you would!! By using our products & having proper oil pressure, you will average a 20 degree F. drop in warm engine oil temperature. 

Increases Horsepower

When your lifters are working properly, they follow the camshaft profile. This means that your valves open and shut in time and stay open for the length of time that the cam was designed for. Highly Accurate Lift and Duration! This will make a serious increase in performance.

E.R.T. Products for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

SP-1 for Shovel & Evo

Harley Shovel & Evo  oil  pressure relief valve spring kit

Install instant oil pressure in your Shovel or Evo. Replace the stock Harley oil pressure relief spring. Easy installation!  

PG-1 Pro-Gauge

Harley oil pressure gauge

   The Harley-Davidson oil pressure gauge!   Tough, beautiful & accurate. This Stainless bodied 1 1/2" liquid filled oil pressure gauge is awesome! 

Complete Twin Cam Kits

Harley Twin Cam oil pressure relief valve spring kit with gaskets

Replace the stock Harley Twin Cam oil pressure relief spring. Works in all Harley camplates  including Screaming Eagle along with aftermarket camplates. 

PJ-2 for Shovel & Evo

Harley Shovel and Evo adjustable oil pressure relief valve spring cap

Precise adjustable oil pressure for Shovel & Evo engines. Replaces the stock Harley oil pressure relief cap & oil pressure relief spring.

Wet Sumping Fixes

Harley Shovel & Evo wet sumping fix check valve kit

Stop blowing excess crankcase oil out of you breather! E.R.T. Products has the parts & shows you how to fix this dangerous yet simple problem once and for all.