SP-1 for Shovel & Evo Engines

E.R.T. Products SP-1 is the cure for Harley Shovel and Evo oil pressure problems!

Our SP-1 "Superpump-Kit" works in all '73 to '99 aluminum bodied stock Harley Shovelhead and Evolution oil pumps along with most aftermarket oil pumps. By simply replacing the stock Harley pressure relief spring in the pressure relief valve of the oil pump, your low or no oil pressure problems will be cured! (Replaces & upgrades Harley part # 26207-83)

The SP-1 contains three color-coded springs made of the finest spring steel known! 

There is not one spring that is correct for all Harley pressure relief valves ,that is why we have a three spring kit. One of the three color coded SP-1 "Superpump" springs will put your engine with-in the correct factory Harley oil pressure specs. Having proper oil pressure in your Harley-Davidson engine quiets noisy lifters, increases performance and drops the warm operating temperature of your oil by an average of 20 degrees!  

Horsepower Gains & Camshaft Profile for Shovel & Evo Engines 

Quiet Lifters Make Horsepower! When lifters have correct oil pressure, they are pumped up, quiet and working properly. This means the tappets are following the Camshaft Profile, enabling correct valve lift along with accurate valve duration. This makes for a very responsive Harley Engine!

Purchase the SP-1 for your Shovel or Evo engine will have a: 

Three spring kit, not just one spring.

Easy Installation- see instructions below.

Install the SP-1 E.R.T.'S Harley relief spring kit & enjoy a:

Quiet valve train.

More responsive engine.

Cooler running engine. 

It is easy to install E.R.T.'s SP-1, so what are you waiting on, order yours today.                                          

E.R.T. Products for Shovels & Evos

SP-1 Harley Shovel and Evo

Harley oil pressure relief valve spring kit.  Shovelhead & Evolution engines by E.R.T. Products.

Stock Alum. Bodied Harley or Aftermarket Oil Pumps. Color coded 3 spring kit. 


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SP-1G Pro-Pack

Harley oil pressure relief spring kit, with Harley oil pressure gauge. Shovel & Evo E.R.T. Products

Includes the SP-1 SuperPump-Kit & the PG-1 Pro-Gauge.  

( '73-'99 ) 

Shipping Free in U.S.A.

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SP-1GT Hardcore Pack

Harley oil pressure relief spring kit, with Harley oil pressure gauge. Shovel & Evo E.R.T. Products

Includes the SP-1 SuperPump-Kit, the PG-1 Pro-Gauge & the TPAD Tappet adapter

( '73-'99 ) 

Shipping Free in U.S.A.

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Install the SP-1 Shovel & Evos


Stock Harley pressure relief  cap and spring.


New spring from SP-1 Superpump-Kit.


The stock slotted pressure relief cap.