Harley Oil Pressure Questions Answered

What is Normal Harley Oil Pressure

Normal Harley oil pressure in Shovel, Evo & Twin Cam engines usually means it is not with-in factory Harley Specs. The external style of oil pump is notorious for this, the internal gerotor is somewhat better, but has its problems too! Using our oil pressure relief valve spring kits solves this problem and will ensure that your engine is with-in factory specs.

Harley Oil Pressure Fluctuates

If your oil pressure is fluctuating wildly, it usually means that the pressure relief valve is sticking. This is  a very common problem in Twin Cam engines and is easily cured. Simply remove and polish the relief valve plunger until it moves freely in the cam plate bore.

Harley Oil Pressure Drops when Hot

Yes it does, another common problem. See our our oil temperature cooling tips below.

Harley Oil Pressure drops at Idle

This is common. Your oil pump gears are moving a lot slower at idle. Try to keep your r.p.m. a little higher 800-850. The low idle sounds really cool, although it is horrible for oil pressure.

Keep it Cool

Harley Tech Tips

The first & most important Harley oil pressure tech tip, is to use E.R.T. Products. With our kits, you will average a drop of 20 degrees in oil temp. This is FOR REAL, by simply following the factory Harley-Davidson oil pressure specs.

Back in Black

Always use a black oil filter!!! 

Black gets rid of heat, chrome keeps it in. Use the chrome somewhere else.

Install an Oil Cooler

Don't go cheap, Buy a high quality BLACK oil cooler. Again you want to get rid of the heat along with keeping your engine leak free!!!

Cool & Clean

Harley Flo Oil Filter/Heat Sink

 This Stainless Steel washable element removes particles as small as 35 microns, or about .0015". Oil is always filtered, it never bypasses the filter element.  The outer black ribbed cover acts like a heat sink to help remove unwanted heat, Helping cool your oil even without an oil cooler.



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