PJ-2 Series Shovel-Evo Engines

Adjustable Oil Pressure

E.R.T. Products introduces the PJ-2 Series Shovel-Evo Pro-Just. The PJ-2 is designed for Evolution & late Shovelhead stock and aftermarket oil pumps. The Pro-Just makes precise Harley oil pressure adjustment easy!!!

Pro-Just bodies are made from “Billet” 6061 aluminum and are counter bored to accept two o-rings. The first o-ring seals around a knurled stainless steel thumbscrew that provides the adjustment. The second o-ring ensures that the Pro-Just seals properly on the oil pump. 

The PJ-2 has a smaller outer diameter so it will fit inside of the oil pumps counter bored pressure relief valve.  

Adjusting the Pro-Just

Adjustment of the oil pressure is done with the engine running.  Turning the thumbscrew clockwise increases oil pressure, counter clockwise decreases oil pressure.

As you are dialing in your oil pressure you will notice that it only takes a small turn to watch the needle on your gauge move up or down.  

The PJ-2 neutral setting is 1/8” from the top of the Pro-Just body to the bottom of the thumbscrew head. 

NEVER adjust above neutral setting!!!

Once desired oil pressure is achieved, no further adjustment should be necessary.

If time has elapsed since your last oil change, now is a good time to change your oil and your filter. This will effect your oil pressure and engine life.

If your oil pressure reads 0 p.s.i. before & after installing the Pro-Just, please check your oil pump completely for any broken keys or gouged gear pockets!!!

Recommended - Once proper oil pressure is reached, measure the distance between the top of the aluminum body and the bottom of the thumbscrew. Remove and clean the thumbscrew, apply a couple of drops of BLUE Loctite and reassemble. This will ensure that your adjustment is maintained!!!

Adjustable Oil Pressure

PJ-2 Pro-Just

The Pro-Just is an adjustable pressure relief cap that allows the precise adjustment of oil pressure. Pro-Just bodies are made from “Billet” 6061 aluminum and are counter bored to accept two o-rings. Includes the "blue" Super-Pump spring. 

Late Shovels & ALL Evos '81-'99.  

Free shipping in U.S.A. 

PJ-2 Pro-Pack

  • Includes the SP-1 Superpump-Kit,                        
  • Late Shovels & All Evos '81-99
  • Free shipping in U.S.A.          

PJ-2 Monster-Pack

  • Includes the SP-1 Superpump-Kit
  • TPAD Tappet Adapter
  • PG-1 "Pro-Gauge"
  • Late Shovels & All Evos '81-'99
  • Free shipping in U.S.A.