SP-TC for Twin Cam Engines

Increased Oil Pressure

This high-performance spring kit from E.R.T. Products is designed to increase oil pressure on all 1999 and up Twin Cam engines. Increase your Harley Twin Cam Oil Pressure and performance by replacing the stock pressure relief spring in the pressure relief (bypass) valve of the cam support plate. Having proper oil pressure maintains the camshaft profile and quiets the engine. This means your valves will fully open (lift) and the time they are open (duration) will be correct. By using the SP-TC, Performance is increased, the engine is quieter and oil temp. is dropped by an average of 20 degrees. A simple solution that is guaranteed to work!!!!

American made Products

Each of our kits contain 3 color coded springs.  Each spring was specifically designed to enable you to adjust your oil pressure depending on your needs. These springs are made of the finest spring steel known, in America, with the same material that is used in Indy car valve springs. 

TC-EZ Installation Tool

 This tool easily compresses the SuperPump spring to install the split pin without scraping or gouging the bore.  It also allows installation of the spring without removing the cam plate! 

Install the SP-TC E.R.T.'S Harley Twin Cam relief spring kit & enjoy a:

Quiet valve train.

More responsive engine.

Cooler running engine. 

It is easy to install E.R.T.'s SP-TC, so what are you waiting on, order yours today.                                          

SP-TC Spring Selection.

If you are running 20 p.s.i. & up......... use. the "Blue" spring.

If you are running 10 - 20 p.s.i..............use the "Yellow" spring.

If running less than 10 p.s.i. ..................use the "Red" spring.  

ALL Measurements should be taken with a warm engine @ 2000 R.P.M. & up!



Extremley Important!!!

Make sure the pressure relief valve moves freely in the pressure relief bore!! If not, remove it from the bore and polish the plunger with fine emery paper until it does move freely!!! 

Install the SP-TC Spring Kit


Stock split pin, pressure relief spring & plunger.


With new SP-TC spring from kit. Start new split pin.


New spring using the TC-EZ  tool. Tap new split pin in - flush with outer body of the cam support plate.

SP-TC Superpump-Kit


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Comes with three color coded springs and three split pins. All Twin Cam 88", 96", 103", 110" engines. Also works with Screaming Eagle oil pump-cam support plate combinations and aftermarket cam plates.

SP-TC Pro-Pack


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Includes the SP-TC Superpump-Kit and the TC-EZ Installation tool

 All Twin Cam engines.              

SP-TC Monster Pack


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Includes the SP-TC Superpump-Kit, the TC-EZ Installation tool   , 4 exhaust gaskets & 2 Cam cover gaskets.

 All Twin Cam engines.